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Swedish Water House

Peter Bosshard’s Blog — International Rivers


Flood Experts Say East, Midwest Primed for Disaster, NPR, April 18, 2008.

Oxford Martin School Podcasts, a unique interdisciplinary research initiative tackling global future challenges by the University of Oxford.

Blue Gold


Propublicas Fracking Music Video. For more about the video, which was done by David Holmes and other talented journalism students at Jay Rosen’s NYU’s Studio 20. It was part of their collaboration with us to build better explanations for stories. For more on fracking, its lack of regulation, and the potential for drinking water contamination, check out our now nearly three-year running investigation.

Session 4 of “Ecology, Ethics and Interdependence”, the Mind and Life XXIII conference with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in dialogue with contemplative scholars, activists and ecological scientists who discuss the interconnection between individual choices and environmental consequences. The conference was held at His Holiness’s office in Dharamsala, India, in October 2011.