Mission and Vision


The Water Ethics Network seeks to uncover, discuss, and analyze the diverse value systems that influence how we use water. We must recognize our own ethical assumptions before we can create water policies, laws, and economic analyses that reflect our values and derive from our shared ethical base. We hope to promote a true debate about the values communities seek to uphold when making decisions about water use by connecting water professionals, business leaders, indigenous representatives, academics, civil servants, artists, and philosophers. We seek to inspire and enable these stakeholders to discover, support, or implement water management solutions that support long-term interests of society and the environment.


Stakeholders will create water policies and laws that reflect our shared system of ethics. We are not being forced to exploit Nature; that has been our choice, which we can change; we only need the tools to do so. The Water Ethics Network brings the tools of indigenous wisdom, ecological science, environmental ethics, and cultural analysis, and how they can be applied to the technical, political, and legal world of water management.