The Water Ethics Network facilitates the sharing of experience, ideas, and information about water ethics, including the ethics of ecosystem management and water governance as it relates to urban/domestic, agricultural, business and indigenous uses. We aim to promote study of the ethics that underlie how we make decisions about water, and to bring this awareness into the everyday discourse about water policies. The choices we make about water management are inevitably based on our values, and we believe that a deeper understanding of those values will lead to better decisions and more sustainable water ecosystems which support long-term interests of society and the environment.

The Water Ethics Network offers a forum for water professionals, business leaders, indigenous representatives, academics, civil servants, artists, philosophers, and everyone interested in water to reflect on the values and principles — the ethics — underlying the way we use water, share water, and care for water ecosystems. The Water Ethics Network provides an open space where ethics can be explored, reported, and debated.  You are cordially invited to participate!  Click on the Get Involved page for links to our social media sites; subscribe to (and contribute news for) the  e-newsletter; send in suggestions for the Resources page, or write a guest post for the Blog.  Send your news, views, or questions to network@waterculture.org.

The Water Ethics Network is an initiative of the Water-Culture Institute.