May News Briefs

Big Jump 2016
Water ethics will be celebrated at 3pm on July 10, throughout Europe, when “everybody will swim in the rivers… If swimming or jumping in your river is not possible, then just…celebrate the river!”  This is the annual Big Jump which last year attracted some 400 registered events in 28 countries. A training camp is being organized in Berlin just ahead of the Jump, and on-line organizing resources include a Toolkit on Water Ethics and Water Solidarity, and a Water Ethics Discussion Tool.

Water Justice
The themes of fairness and “Water Justice” are in the news.  The Ecumenical Water Network (World Council of Churches) is developing a Framework for Water Justice which should be released later this year.

GWP and ethics
Dr. Jerry Delli Priscoli is the new chair of the GWP-Technical Committee. Known for his work on stakeholder participation and water ethics, Dr. Delli Priscoli sees ethics as part of water security: “GWP can help with this huge ethical public issue, because it involves public policy ethics as well as technical, political, and economic issues.”

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